What do people say?


  • “This was my first experience of engaging with Liminal Muse images and I found it a wonderfully rich and stimulating experience. For me it evoked some new and very powerful connections.”
  • “I used my cards for the start and end of two half-day team development sessions with a highly pressured director team at a huge NHS Trust. They loved the look and feel of the cards as well as the array of images - especially the more intriguing/hard to discern ones.”
  • “The Liminal Muse images are a wonderful way to spark new conversations and discoveries. They stimulate a more embodied experience and richer reflection.”
  • "I used the digital images with an executive team who were all very high on the rational serious academic side, scientists etc… it took them to a different space. It was fantastic opener. As a tool it quickly built psychological safety and openness."
  • “I have a preference for thinking and logic rather than feeling and creativity. Practicing with the images reminds me that I can inhabit the opposite of my preferences and choose alternative approaches, something I try to help my clients to do. Just having the cards in my bag is an invitation for me to offer clients an alternative way.”
  • “The images were an immediate invitation to land in the space and connect with others.”
  • “Working with the Liminal Muse images is a more embodied approach - being in the moment and a juncture between self and other.”


  • “Choosing the images helped me find the vocabulary to unpack my feelings.”
  • “I realised I was stuck but now I see I have choices. I can see my reflections coming to life through the pictures. My emotions must have been deep down in my subconscious, but the pictures have brought these feeling to my attention and help separate the facts from the feelings.”
  • “This was a truly enriching experience and a safe space to let everything hang out! Amazing how evocative an image can be. Much needed at the moment.”
  • “The images offered a way of articulating my underlying feelings in a context of the story I’m telling. The more I thought about it the more sense it made to me.”
  • “They are very creative as not all of them are obvious and are open to individual interpretation. Being double-sided forces you to engage and pick them up and look.”
  • “It’s amazing to be able to visualise my feelings. They help the fluidity, the ordering of emotions versus a jumble and not being able previously to find the words to express this coherently.”
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