Frequently Asked Questions

What do you use Liminal Muse for?
The physical card packs and the digital cards are a useful tool when you want to encourage your clients or patients away from thinking and towards their emotions and feelings.
What situations suit Liminal Muse Conversation Cards?
They work in 1-2-1 coaching, supervision or therapy sessions, plus small or large group work. You can use them for check-ins and icebreakers, exploring polarities such as strengths and development need exercises, or with metaphors or concepts, ideas generation and brain storming.

They work particularly well when you need to help clients move away from thoughts and words and create divergent and open conversations. They are very helpful when a client is stuck, when they need to unpack emotions or feelings or want to bring underlying and hidden feelings into sight. They are also useful in creating connections and sparking new conversations and ideas.
Why are there digital cards as well as physical cards?
Our customers really like the physical card packs – just see some of the wonderful feedback we’ve got in the last 18 months. When the pandemic struck in 2020 many of our customers started working differently with their clients and needed a format that worked remotely. So, the digital version was born.
I really like using the physical cards. Do the digital cards work as well?
Yes, they work just as well. We thought they might create a weaker response, so we tested this out many times in focus groups and workshops. We’re delighted to say that time and time again we witnessed the digital cards creating a strong response in clients, enabling them to access their emotions quickly.
Can I use the cards with groups, as well as 1-2-1s?
Yes, they work powerfully in 1-2-1 coaching or therapeutic sessions, with small or with large groups. You can work with both the physical card packs (contact us for bulk price discounts), or with the digital cards. Choose different exercises depending on the number of people you’re working with.
Who uses Liminal Muse Conversation Cards?
We have a range of customers using the cards for their client work. This includes coaches, leadership development professionals, facilitators and trainers, therapists and counsellors, change management consultants and agile coaches. In fact, they work with any situation where you want to encourage your clients or patients away from thinking towards their emotions, feelings and bodies.
Is there a set way to use the cards?
No, this is the beauty of the packs. They are very open ended, so the only limit is your imagination. However, if you like a process to follow, a user guide and exercise guide are included with your purchase.
How much do the packs cost?

£20 + VAT for the physical cards (plus postage and packing). Click here to purchase a set.
£20 for the digital cards. Visit our partner Deckhive to purchase a set.

Visit our shop to buy the physical card packs or visit our partner Deckhive to purchase the digital editions.

Do you offer Liminal Muse training?
Yes we do and we’d be glad to show you the ropes. We run masterclasses and workshops throughout the year. Please take a look here.
How do I buy the physical card packs or digital editions?
Visit our shop to buy the physical card packs or visit our partner Deckhive to purchase the digital editions.
Who developed the cards?
Liminal Muse Conversation Cards have been developed by Charlotte Housden and Michelle Lucas. Charlotte is a photographer and occupational & coaching psychologist with a background in leadership development and consulting. Michelle Lucas is a master executive coach & coaching supervisor and author with a background in psychology and HR.

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