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“You should never think without an image”

Aristotle, Greek philosopher

When you buy a pack of cards you'll receive a user guide and a set of example exercises, including specific questions to prompt clients.

Still want to learn more about Liminal Muse? Then why not join one of our online (Zoom) masterclasses and CPD workshops facilitated by Charlotte and Michelle? We often have guest speakers co-facilitating so that we continue to explore a wide variety of topics and ways of working.

Previous workshops

Liminal Muse and Agility: In November 2020 we explored how Liminal Muse images can help us learn about agility and can inform personal and organisational change. Run by Charlotte and Michelle, this time our guest facilitator was Linzi Parry, an experienced agile coach and change manager.

Digital Detox and Digital Spa: Run in February 2020, when many were exhausted by the pandemic and lockdown, we worked solely with the physical packs. This helped participants to reflect on how they were coping and what resources they needed to manage digital overload.

Liminal Muse and Deckhive: In March 2021 we launched Liminal Muse digital cards on online platform, Deckhive. We ran two demos, co-facilitating with Martin Galpin (one of its founders). He showed us around and provided lots of tips on how to use the platform. See below to watch the recordings.

Liminal Muse on Deckhive Practice Session: In May 2021 we ran an open drop-in session to practice using Liminal Muse cards on Deckhive. The workshop included tips for working with Deckhive, opportunities to try out different Liminal Muse exercises with others, Q&As on the cards and platform, all with the aim of increasing confidence using Liminal Muse cards.

Liminal Muse and Music

In this workshop in June 2021, we joined the creative forces of music and images. Run by Charlotte and Michelle and guest Claire Kitay - a music therapist and musician. Claire helped us explore how we can use music and images to uncover our feelings and emotions and work more effectively with our clients.

Deckhive introduces Liminal Muse

This workshop in July 2021 included the story behind the Liminal Muse deck, when and where the deck can be most useful, top tips for getting the most out of the cards and how to use the cards on Deckhive for coaching and facilitating online.

Embracing Liminality - how to work with the spaces in between

In September 2021, we explored the concept of liminality and how we can use this with our clients. "Liminal is the space in between and the transition from one stage to the next, leaving old lives behind, not yet arriving somewhere else. It's the crossing from life into coaching and back into life. The threshold between speaking/silence, thought/feeling, and brain/body. Liminal spaces bring uncertainty - seemingly flimsy and unsettling or, exciting and buoyant, depending on our mindset or the feelings we have about our lives.”

Coming Up...

Liminal Muse on Deckhive Practice Session

October (date tbc) - Free of Charge

An open session to drop-in during the 90 minutes to practice using Liminal Muse cards on Deckhive. The session will include tips for working with Deckhive, opportunities to try out different Liminal Muse exercises with others, Q&As on the cards and platform, all with the aim of increasing your confidence using Liminal Muse cards. Contact to register your interest.

Feedback from Workshops

  • "Skilfully facilitated by Michelle and Charlotte, then brought to life by colleagues’ reflections, this felt like a visual spa for “Zoomed-out” eyes and busy minds! Many thanks to everyone involved."
  • "A great morning working with inspiring and generous peers! A fabulous session which really opened up my thinking and thought processes. Thank you to everyone for this insightful coaching experience."
  • "The Liminal Muse workshop was engaging, thought provoking and timely – hugely enjoyable. The practical sessions demonstrated to me how important images/imagery is in helping to release some of the most deeply rooted issues we hold within us."
  • "I really like to use images and your cards were great - super photos and nice size so we could hold several and shuffle through. You brought the true essence of our approach with your enquiry and flexing of the session. It created quite a different tone and opportunity for our learning."
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